Dominion Theatre

A theater in London’s Camden West End.

Opened in 1929, inside in an art-deco style. Operated as a cinema and theater, in the 70-80s served mainly as a concert hall (Bon Jovi, David Bowie, Tangerine Dream, Dolly Parton, U2 and others) from ’80 staged plays and musicals: Time, Grand Hotel, Barnum, Beauty and the Beast, Grease and others.

Since 2002 the main stage for the musical We Will Rock You with Queen’s music. Played from 14th May  2002 to 31th May 2014.

After refurbishment and reconstruction in 2014 it can currently 2,163 seats. Musicals performed after renovation include Evita, White Christmas, Lord of The Dance, Elf, War of the Worlds, The Bodyguard, American in Paris, Bat Out of Hell The Musical, Prince of Egypt.

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Performances in Dominion:

Brian May i Nancy Wilson

6th June 1982 Brian May with the band Heart

22nd May 1986 Freddie Mercury recorded the music video for the song Time.

14th April1988 Freddie Mercury performed in musical Time. The last time he sang live in front of the audience in his life.

Freddie and Cliff

1. Born To Rock’n’roll
2. In My Defense
3. It’s In Every One Of Us (with Cliff Richard)
4. Time

18th February 1990 The Brit Awards  Queen received the “Outstanding Contribution to Music” Award. It was Freddie Mercury’s last public performance.

Performances as part of the musical We Will Rock You – Brian May and Roger Taylor from time to time appeared in performances and usually played in Bohemian Rhapsody. More on specific dates and performances HERE. First time on 12nd November 2002 and last time on 31th May 2014.

  • address: 268-269 Tottenham Court Road, London W1T 7AQ
    GPS: 51.5166 ° N 0.1301 ° W
    access Tottenham Court Road tube station

My photos from 2008 and 2016. Currently the Freddie statue is in the garden at Roger Taylor’s house in Surrey.

A monument in Roger’s garden since 2014. Source of IG Roger Taylor