Tate Britain

The Museum of British Art in London presents works dating from 1500 to modern times. Opened in 1897 with free entry.

The museum has a picture of Richard Dadd The Fairy Feller’s Master -Stroke , in 2014-2015, it hosted an exhibition from Brian May’s stereophotographic collection.

Oil painting The Fairy Feller’s Master-Stroke (1855-1864) inspired Freddie Mercury to write the song of the same title. his song can be found on the 1974 album Queen II. Image size is 54 cm x 40 cm, genre fantastic. The painting is in the gallery Walk Through British Art 1840. The image was also an inspiration for the scenes in Terry Pratchett’s book Free A Little People .

In the text of the Queen song, we will find characters from the picture: a woodcutter, queen and king, nymphs, a plowman, nuts and other characters.

In the museum, we can also see a painting that inspired to The Death of Chatterton by Michael Burr and the cover of Brian May’s book. Painting Chatterton by Henry Wallis from 1856 which you can find in the gallery Walk of British Art 1840.

The Poor Man’s Picture Gallery: Victorian Art and Stereoscopic Photography exhibition took place from 13th October 2014 to October 2015.

Poor man’s picture gallery: Victorian Art and Stereoscopic Photography at the Tate Britain –  Dr Brian May (pictured – here with Hearts are Trumps by Michael Burr) © Guy Bell

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address: Millbank, Westminster, London SW1P 4RG

GPS 51.491091 N 0.12784 W

Getting there tube station Pimlico

Millbank, City of Westminster, England, Wielka Brytania

photos by daga and Katarzyna Widźgowska