Places associated with the Queen band in Warsaw (Poland).

In addition to Freddie Mercury Alley, you’ll also find other interesting locations in the city.

In 1996 Brian May and Roger Taylor visited Poland to receive the Fryderyk Award. The event took place at the Polish Theater, the musicians visited the Old Town and the Royal Bath Park

In 1998 Brian May came to Poland as part of his Another World tour. The concert took place at the Stodola Club in Warsaw.

On 24-26th July 2009, the 8th Polish Queen Fans Convention  took place in the Free Pub on Czerska Street.

Since 2015 has been playing “Rhapsody with Demon” in the Rampa Theater.

In the Hard Rock Cafe Warsaw there are souvenirs related to the band.

In the music video for the song Innuendo there are shots from Marszałkowska Street and Świętokrzyska Street from the parade on the occasion of the 1000th anniversary of the Polish state on July 22 1966.

Videoclip Innuendo Queen